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So you want to sell your diamond ring and you’ve landed on my page, well you’ve come to the right place. My name is Mike Jacobson, owner of Cook County Buyers Inc. I’ve been buying diamonds for cash in the Chicago area for over 10 years and paying more than my competition too! I have no employees, and a small simple office, so my overhead expenses are very low, and I am able to pay you more for your diamonds. It’s very simple.

I meet with clients one on one by appointment only, and only after giving you a realistic estimate via text first. This makes it very easy for you to know what to expect first before spending your valuable time driving around looking for quotes. Just send me a picture of your item, and any accompanying paperwork and I will respond with an estimated, usually within minutes! If you are comfortable with my estimated and ready to sell, we will schedule a time to meet usually same day!

When you sell your diamond and gold jewelry to me, I will evaluate your Jewelry on the spot and makes an offer that will be within the original range that was quoted. Read Nancy's Review from Google

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Cook County Buyers Inc. has an office in Northbrook IL. I'm available by appointment only, in my Northbrook office or if you prefer, I can meet you anywhere in Northern Illinois for your convenience like a coffee shop or restaurant near you.

To contact me for a quote, call or text (773) 490-9828 with a short description of your jewelry including pictures and paperwork of the diamond Jewelry.

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Please include a description of your jewelry including pictures and paperwork.


(773) 490-9828

" So refreshing to do business with CCB (Michael) -his honesty, knowledge, and commitment are something you rarely see in this industry. Will definitely refer family & friends. " -Kimberly Chicago

" Before going to Cook County Buyers, I had found two other places to bring my jewelry to compare offers after this one. After sitting with Mike, I felt no need to look further, and I'll tell you why. 

He took a long time to evaluate each piece. He educated me by showing me diamonds of various values and how one can decipher. I could see it myself. As for pieces I had, he even questioned himself by going online to see what these types of jewelry were selling for, making sure neither of us would feel cheated. 

Mike told me what he could pay me and how much he believed he could make off each piece. He never pushed or persuaded. There was no pressure. And I felt he was honest. Nice guy, too! So, I sold him the whole pile and walked away with a sweet bundle. This was a win-win. " 

Nancy, Chicago

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